Types of Flooring Tiles in Pakistan and Their Prices, 2024

As construction activity surges across Pakistan, tile floors have become the go-to choice to elevate both homes and offices. With significant developers investing in new-build apartments and complexes, there’s a growing emphasis on quality flooring options that combine durability and aesthetics.

In this article, we’ll compare the most popular tile types being laid in 2024, spanning modest apartments to luxury penthouses. Understanding the latest tile trends will ensure you pick materials tailor-made for your space and budget, whether you’re giving floors a makeover or installing them afresh. 

Ceramic Tiles

Among all options, ceramic tiles continue to rule Pakistan’s flooring market – adorning value housing projects and plush penthouses alike. Made of baking clay and mineral blends at high temperatures, ceramic tiles couple affordability with resilience.

As ceramic tiles maintain their coveted status, leading best construction companies have scaled up manufacturing capacities over the years. Recent industry data reveals that ceramic tiles continue to dominate flooring demand in residential buildings, capturing over 63.6% share of the total residential flooring solutions market in 2020. 

In 2024, mid-range quality ceramic tiles up to 24″ x 24″ sizes are expected to retail between PKR 1600 and PKR 2000 per square foot. Popular finishes like matte, gloss, rustic, wood-inspired, and textured ceramic tiles command relatively premium pricing.

Granite Tiles

For luxury residential spaces like penthouses, natural stone tiles like Granite remain an evergreen flooring choice. Granite tiles have seen rising popularity in recent years due to their inherent durability and luxurious natural stone aesthetics.

Available in wide-ranging colors, textures, and patterns, granite tiles enhance the visual appeal of any space. Being harder and denser than marble or sandstone, properly maintained granite tiles can last several decades, making them an economical flooring choice given their longevity.

In 2024, basic granite floor tiles up to 12″ x 16″ are priced upwards of PKR 1000 – 1300 per square foot. The pricing varies considerably based on the granite variety, origin, patterns, thickness, and more. 

Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles have gained immense popularity in modern residential and commercial spaces, with developers investing in apartment buildings and constructing new houses. Made from finer clay and minerals, porcelain tiles are dense, water-absorbent, and extra durable for heavy foot traffic areas. 

Their strength, stain resistance, and low maintenance make them ideal for lobbies, shopping malls, hotels, hospitals, and more. In Pakistan’s flooring market, the greater availability of porcelain tile collections catering to different tastes has accelerated the building of new apartments. 

By 2024, mass-market porcelain tiles up to 24″ x 48″ will be affordably priced from PKR 2100 – 3000 per square foot. Branded porcelain tiles imported from Spain, Italy, and other European countries are priced at a significant premium.


Features of Flooring Tiles in Pakistan

Matte vs Glossy

Matte tiles do not have a reflective surface. They are used in kitchens and bathrooms because glossy tiles can be slippery when wet. Polished tiles add elegance to living areas. Granite tiles have a natural matte look.


Half-Body vs Full-Body

Ceramic tiles are half-body, meaning the decorative layer will chip away to reveal the clay underneath. Porcelain comes in half-body and full-body versions. Full-body keeps its pattern even if chipped. Granite tiles are inherently full-body since they are natural stones.

Choosing Tile Type

There are several key factors to consider when choosing which type of tile is best for your needs:


Tiles come in a range of sizes. Larger tiles, such as 12×24 inches up to 24×24 inches, are often used in living rooms, dining rooms, and other central areas. Smaller tiles, around 9×12 inches or 12×18 inches, are standard for bathrooms. 



Granite tiles are the most durable, being able to withstand heavy impacts and lasting for decades. Ceramic tiles are prone to chipping and breaking more easily under weight or force. Porcelain lies somewhere in the middle in terms of durability.



Matte ceramic and porcelain tiles are good choices for kitchens and bathrooms where spills are likely. Glossy ceramic and porcelain tiles suit living areas as they add shine and elegance. Granite works exceptionally well in kitchens due to water resistance in its water resistance, but also in living spaces.


Design Options

Advances in digital printing technology allow for endless patterns, geometric shapes, and stone and wood looks for ceramic and porcelain tile collections. Granite, being a natural stone, has far fewer inherent design varieties.


Ease of Installation 

Ceramic and porcelain tiles can readily be installed DIY using adhesive. Granite tile installation requires professional expertise for best results.



The expanding construction industry and rise of nuclear families have led to greater adoption of floor tiles in Pakistan. Ceramic and porcelain tiles dominate volume share across residential and commercial spaces investing in apartment buildings. As apartments multiply, floor tiles’ overall quality and finish have improved significantly. With local manufacturing hitting top gear, premium tiles are now accessible to more.