About Us


Considering the inheritance of over 15 years, ZEM Builders has contributed a lot to bring the paradigm shift in the world of real estate landscape by retaining pioneered construction solutions; introducing state-of-the-art design, architecture, and material to the field of real estate in Pakistan. Talk about residential or commercial spaces you name it and they have it. ZEM Builders promises exquisite and lavish architecture, along with sustainable infrastructure to open up your pathways to a contemporary lifestyle for those who aspire to perfection. ZEM Builders is one of the leading players in the real estate industry exceeding 12 projects in the Twin Cities. ZEM proudly claim to be the best in business by providing the best brand values of innovation, quality, and timely delivery.


Thinking out of the box to create innovation has been an all-time ambition and practice of ZEM Builders. Incorporating uniqueness in vitality and convenience in your daily life functions and lifestyle is our USP. Hence, our approach is based on functionality with modernism and class to create state-of-the-art and elegant designs that still carry their conventional traits. Bringing down the mundane and setting up the extraordinary has been our aim as responsible builders. We abandon the tedious and bring about the evolution in the construction world, ruling out the ordinary and setting the milestone.


While other companies in the business just go on bluffing around and claim to achieve high-quality project completion in time, ZEM Builders is here to have always claimed what it believed to accomplish timely and of top-notch quality. Religiously following all the universal rules and regulations of designing techniques, every function of ours provide eminent results that promise to deliver a world-class standard. At ZEM Builders, our top priority is customer satisfaction so we administer everything keenly to ensure the best possible outcomes. We make sure the quality is never compromised and the projects are up to par with a touch of heavenly excellence.


ZEM Builders boasts an unmatched record of on-time and early project deliveries, driven by our unwavering commitment to fulfilling promises to valued clients. Recognizing the essence of time, we work ceaselessly around the clock, ensuring timely completion and providing unparalleled peace of mind. Our dedication to meeting targets and honoring commitments is a testament to the high value we place on our clients. Time is money, and we take promises and claims seriously, striving for complete customer satisfaction through our relentless 24/7 efforts and the smooth flow of successful project deliveries.


Zeeshan Akram QureshiFounder & CEO ZEM Builders

A renowned business tycoon with extensive experience spanning over decades in the world of real estate; he is an enthusiastic and outcome-oriented founder with a sound and well-reputed track record of performance in timely delivered mega projects. Having an experience of more than 15 years in the field of real estate project dealings, Mr. Zeeshan Qureshi has left his mark in the history of unparalleled business insight which makes him stand out amongst his competitors, taking ZEM Builders to the new heights of success.

CEO’s Message

‘With extreme excitement and pleasure, ZEM Builders brings the next generation of real estate to our valued clients; although the odyssey towards forming the most elite residential and commercial projects has been a tough one, our clients’ worthy trust in us was everything for us to make it worth it. Not just the trade of buildings, ideas, dreams, and commitment is our mission, but also to transform the lives of our clients. Adding real value to people’s lives is our aim by incorporating new ideas, buildings, smart living and trade spaces, and sustainable infrastructure. As the mentors of the field, we are determined to create innovation and unique factors to bring the best techniques of the international real estate industry to Pakistan.’