Top 5 Authentic International Real Estate And Builders

Real estate encompasses land, buildings, and other assets attached to properties that generate revenue streams by renting, buying, selling, and administrating such assets. As an asset class, it includes varied property categories used for dwelling, commercial purposes, or investment-inclusive houses, apartments, offices, retail spaces, hospitality assets, warehouses, and healthcare facilities.

Real estate websites and enterprises facilitating transactions and services around these dealings form part of this expansive industry. Real estate agency plays a vital economic role in asset creation, employment generation, and infrastructure development while meeting core human shelter needs. 

What is Real Estate Business

A real estate business focuses on economic pursuits centered on ownership, the management, or trading of land and buildings permanently annexed to properties for profit generation. With increasing migration to urban regions over the coming decades, real estate business activities and human settlements will continue to expand significantly.

The commercial real estate functions are:

Asset Construction 

The site selection, procurement, architectural plans, actual building, and development of residential projects are like homes, hospitals, commercial complexes like offices, and shopping centers.

Asset Administration 

The maintenance and overseeing of leased realty assets involve rent collection, addressing occupant requirements, and monitoring operational overheads.

Asset Investment 

Purchase of developed apartment buildings and vacant lands to earn long-term rental income and gain from price appreciation during the sale.

Here are the top five authentic real estate companies:


RE/MAX facilitates property rentals, sales, purchases, and development to drive top realty company stand in the US and Canada since 1999. Originating in 1973 under founders Dave and Gail Liniger, RE/MAX produced high 2015 revenues of $177 million. Align with its greatest commission principle RE/MAX agents receive the most commissions, contributing just a portion for administrative overheads, unlike typical brokerage cuts. 

With a presence across North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa, Asia-Pacific, and the Middle East, RE/MAX leverages an extensive global footprint, training programs, and technology adoption to maintain high agent productivity rankings guiding clients. 

This real estate company ensures optimal exposure for listed properties by providing integrated marketing support spanning social media promotion and syndication across multiple listing platforms and dedicated mobile apps.


2. ZEM Builders

Zem Builders Islamabad provides high-end construction services in Pakistan. Thinking out of the box to create innovation has been an all-time ambition and practice of ZEM Builders. They religiously follow all universal rules and regulations of designing techniques, resulting in eminent outcomes that promise a world-class standard. 

Customer satisfaction is their top priority and ensure the best possible outcomes. In ZEM projects quality is never compromised, and all their works are infused with a touch of heavenly excellence. 

ZEM strives for complete customer satisfaction through their relentless 24/7 efforts and the smooth flow of successful project deliveries.


3.Century 21

As one of the largest real estate brokerage franchising networks worldwide, Century 21 delivers professionalism, knowledge, and service execution through continuous investments in industry-leading technology, training, and marketing support for its vast community of agents. Having a powerful referral system and lead generation framework, Century 21 affiliates can seamlessly showcase and sell exclusive property listings.


Emerging in 1976 as the realty wing of the esteemed Auction House, Sotheby’s International Realty presently includes 990 global offices via strategically allying with Realogy in 2004. Supported by 19,000+ sales associates, Sotheby’s significantly aids affiliates through operational enhancements, marketing, recruitment, training, and more. 

With annual sales exceeding $114 billion, Sotheby’s key strengths include facilitating deals for ultra-high-net-worth luxury houses spanning exclusive villas, apartments, and estates leveraging its access to wealthy clientele around the globe. 

Sotheby’s provides focused consultation and valuation assistance for niche property categories like vine-yards, and golf resorts. 

5.CBRE Group

Headquartered in the United States, it serves varied clients globally through over 75,000 advisors in 100+ countries. With $13 billion in revenues, it stands among the largest firms worldwide with expert catering services like valuations, investments, asset administration, etc. 

CBRE deploys proprietary research and data tools combined with market insights from global teams to deliver integrated commercial real estate solutions tailored to unique client needs.


Zillow, founded in 2005 by ex-Microsoft executives, assists over 110 million online users through property financing, rentals, buying, home improvements, and accessible expert connections. Its online real estate database uses innovative data science and machine learning models to analyze market data.

The user-friendly interface allows customizable property searches to seamlessly discover rentals/purchases that meet locations, pricing, and area preferences. By simplifying realty processes, Zillow continues redefining and transforming industry paradigms.



Real estate is a vital industry that meets core human needs like shelter and enables economic activities through asset creation. As migration to cities continues to rise over the coming decades, real estate business activities around ownership, trading, and management of properties will likely expand significantly.