One Bed Apartments Vs Three Marla Houses

Islamabad has seen rapid expansion in recent years due to inward migration. As a result, demand for quality housing has increased substantially. Two options stand out for property seekers: one-bed apartments and three-marla houses.

Despite distinct target customer profiles, choosing apartments and houses causes investor deliberation. Each option has relative upsides and downsides regarding affordability, returns, and end-user utility. This article analyzes critical aspects of Islamabad’s real estate landscape.


Affordability and Financing Options

For first-time homebuyers and real estate investors with limited budgets, one-bed apartments can be easier to finance. On the other hand, a newly-built three-marla house in a legal society by reputed builders in Islamabad can cost upwards of PKR 1 crore, often requiring extensive financing. Builders in Islamabad offer one-bed units and three marla houses starting at less than one crore rupees and beyond with flexible installment plans. The increase in the purchase varies by the significance of land, construction, and society it lies in.

Space, Design, and Luxury

A significant tradeoff between houses and apartments is in available covered area and design. For instance, a newly built one-bed apartment may only offer 500 sq ft to 600 sq ft of covered area. At the same time, it is fitted with all modern amenities and the compact size limits space for a growing family.

On the contrary, even a basic three-marla house provides around 900 sq ft of area. When working with real estate builders, investors can customize layouts and designs to add luxury features per individual needs and budgets. Additional floors can also be added over time for extended families. Newer projects also incorporate smart home automation features in houses for added comfort.


Location and Accessibility

When evaluating property in Islamabad, location and accessibility remain paramount. Many new high-rise apartments in Islamabad are concentrated in different sectors, enabling easy access to major commercial areas, offices, and transport links. For example, newer projects by builders such as ZEM Builders lie in Islamabad, making commuting convenient.  

However, this also leads to higher population density and traffic on connecting roads for apartments or flats in Islamabad. Detached houses, as part of housing schemes, may offer more space but can suffer from far-flung locations needing more facilities. Projects in Islamabad offering both houses and apartments allow investors to balance priorities when choosing between property types.

Ownership Rights 

There is a fundamental difference in ownership structures between houses and apartments. A three-marla house owner enjoys ownership of the plot and house with full rights to utilize, modify, or even demolish existing structures. In contrast, apartment owners hold title rights to their units, while shared spaces come under collective ownership. Individual owners have limited control tied to their unit area.


Rental Income Potential

A three-marla independent house has much higher rental income potential than a one-bed apartment in Islamabad. A newly built three-marla house can charge over 1 lakh monthly rent due to demand from high-end tenants who prefer more living space and privacy.

One-bed apartments typically rent around 35,000 rupees per month, targeting students and young professionals on tighter budgets. So, while one-bed apartments fill up faster, three-marla house owners see significantly higher rental yields from their property investment in Islamabad.

Inheritance Value

The average household size in Pakistan has steadily increased over the past few decades, with joint and extended families continuing to live together in a traditional system. However, newer generations prefer more independent living spaces, even as they retain connections to the more extensive family network. This shift in cultural norms impacts approaches to inheritance planning, especially when distributing real estate assets.

Houses have greater flexibility for dividing up inheritance compared to apartments in Pakistan. Over generations, as apartments change hands through inheritance distribution, individual ownership rights diminish despite legal paperwork. The values thus reduce due to ambiguous ownership.

Houses score over apartments for balancing inheritance distribution with the maintenance of asset values across generations. Hence, houses tend to unlock more excellent inheritance value.

Future Resale Value

The future resale value of apartments depends on several factors including location, developer reputation, and maintenance. Central locations near commercial hubs and projects built and managed by well-known developers tend to achieve higher valuations. Overall real estate market demand also impacts apartment resale prices over time.

For houses, key factors determining future resale potential include locality, plot dimensions, layout flexibility, and neighborhood profile. Areas with good connectivity along with the ability for house extensions can enable owners to maximize land usage. The specific lifestyle priorities and investment goals of potential buyers ultimately drive purchase decisions between houses and apartments.



At this stage, investors need to understand that both one-bed apartments and three-marla houses have their perks and downsides. Investors who want steady returns on their investment can opt for high rise projects and one-bed apartments while investors who can hold their assets for longer time can opt for three marla plots.