Best Investment Options for Pakistanis Living Abroad

Let’s Explore Best Investment Options for Pakistanis Living Abroad

Like other fellow Pakistanis living abroad, you might have thought about making some investments in the home country. If so, we are here to explore a few best investment options for Pakistanis living abroad.

Investments made in the real estate sector of Pakistan would be the best option. Investment in real estate requires your one-time effort, and after that, you have nothing to do on a day-to-day basis to gain returns on your investment. The worth of property will keep appreciating with the passage of time, Consequently, you being the investor will be earning good returns on your investment, if you chose to sell the property purchased. Contrarily, if you do not want to sell out the property you have once purchased, even then, its increased market value will multiply the worth of the portfolio you hold in the form of real estate.

Have You Ever Thought About Best Investment Options for Pakistanis Living Abroad

By the way, have you ever thought of investing in real estate back home in Pakistan? If not, you must think about it. It is the best time to invest in Pakistan’s real estate market.

The government of Pakistan is encouraging overseas Pakistanis to invest in the real estate market. So, based on healthy inflows from overseas Pakistanis investing in real estate, prices of properties in Pakistan may show upward trends. It may enable investors to enjoy good returns on the investments made in real estate anywhere in the country.

However, before investing in any real estate project in Pakistan, you should perform your thorough review and study of the real estate market in a particular area.

Nowadays, there are so many options out there to gather necessary information about any housing project. You can explore through youtube videos, Facebook pages, and blog posts from the property gurus. All such means of information may enable you to collect and analyze the information about the real estate of your choice.

Investments in Bahria Town Islamabad, Bahria Town Rawalpindi, Bahria Town Lahore, Bahria Town Peshawar, and Bahria Town Karachi may give you guaranteed returns on your investment.

Professional Real Estate Agent May Help to find Best Investment Options for Pakistanis Living Abroad

If you are determined to take your decision with regards to the best investment options in Bahria Town Islamabad or Rawalpindi, you may contact ZEM Builders Islamabad to have a professional and expert opinion about any investment opportunity. Being one of the reliable names in the real estate sector of Pakistan, ZEM Builders have already launched many projects which attracted tremendous response from commercial investors as well as the ordinary households desirous of having their own home in Islamabad. ZEM ArkZEM Heights 1, Lake Vista Heights, and Liberty Tower are the projects from ZEM Builders and considered amongst the best investment options in the real estate of Pakistan.

Few Handy Investment Tips for Overseas Pakistanis

Here in this write-up, we will discuss a few useful tips which would be much helpful to understand the best investment options for Pakistanis living abroad.

Safety of Investment is the Foremost Aspect that Should be Kept in Mind

The safety of investment is the first and foremost aspect that should be kept in mind before investing in any real estate in Pakistan. If the project is undertaken by some government bodies like Capital Development Authority (CDA), Lahore Development Authority (LDA), or autonomous regulated bodies like Defense Housing Authority (DHA) and Pakistan Armed Forces (PAF), then it is believed to be safe for investment. If the project is not directly administered by government bodies and is launched by private sector real estate developers, then it should have necessary approval in place from the respective government bodies in the city. If the government approvals are yet to be granted, the project may have missed some critical prerequisites and might not be able to get the necessary approvals in the future. If so happens, the investment made there might be ruined or may not be fetching desired results. So, while hunting for the best investment options for Pakistanis living abroad, one must opt to invest in government-approved projects only.

Check Track Record of The Real Estate Developer Matter Behind the Project

If the developer at the back of a real estate project is trustworthy and holds due credibility in the real estate market, you may move ahead with confidence.  Real estate developers like Bahria Town Housing Pvt Ltd., Defense Housing Authority (DHA), Capital Development Authority (CDA), Lahore Development Authority (LDA) hold an excellent track record of successfully executing large-scale real estate projects in Pakistan. Hence the real estate projects from these popular developers must be considered the best investment options for Pakistanis living abroad.

Act Cautiously and Beware of Fraudulent Practices in Real Estate Deals

You must beware of fraudulent practices in real estate deals and ensure to hire the expertise of some reliable and trustworthy real estate agent before striking any real estate deal. Being one of the highly credible and professional real estate agents in the country, ZEM Builders would be there to answer your all need to invest in some best investment options.

For your quick learning, we are providing a hereunder checklist that you should take into account before buying any property.

Does the Real Estate Project Hold an Approved Layout Plan?

Genuine projects are supposed to have some layout or building plans formally approved by the concerned regulator authorities such as CDA, LDA, and KDA, etc. If the developer fails to furnish any approved layout plan, there might be some complications in later stages. So, avoid investing in a real estate project that lacks an approved layout plan.

Check the historical record of the property’s ownership

You may request the seller or real estate developer to produce the proof of property ownership they are selling. If the proper record of ownership is there, the property offered for sale may be considered for investment.

The seller should have unconditional possession of the property

Investments in real estate involve a huge sum of amount. To invest lifetime saving in some real estate venture matter a lot for an ordinary household. So, before making any payment or committing a deal, you must ensure to check and verify whether the seller holds possession of the property or not.

Check whether taxes and dues have been cleared, it can be verified from the receipts provided.

You should not purchase a property that has any pending dues to be paid, such as utility bills, property taxes.

Must Insist for the Original Copy of the Registry

During negotiating for any investment options being Pakistanis living abroad, you must request the seller to produce the original copy of the title document, registry, or allotment letter. Keep of such documentation for verification by yourself through some professional real estate agents like ZEM Builders.

ZEM Builders Islamabad, being a professional real estate agent can help you out to get the documentation verified from respective authorities anywhere in property hubs like Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, and Karachi.