To show our enthusiasm towards sports, ZEM Builders have recently sponsored the President’s Bodyguard Polo Team. We have always served in the real estate and sports sector of Pakistan, and this collaboration with a Polo team is a step further towards this initiative.

About President’s Bodyguard Polo Team

President’s Bodyguard Polo Team is a great team when it comes to Polo. In 2020, they won the Open Polo Championship for Quaid-e-Azam Gold Cup. Also, they have other tremendous achievements loved by Polo fanatics.

Some Glimpses Of The Event

The event was held in the Rawalpindi polo club, where we joined hands with President Bodyguard Polo Team. This is basically an extension for the LT COL S.H. RIZVI Memorial Polo Cup 2021, which is supposed to be held in October 2021. The team for this match included both local and international players.

The event has gone great with the proper involvement of different teams apprehending the true spirit of sportsmanship. Also, the higher authority of ZEM Builders was there to appreciate the players. In addition to these event proceedings, the players were rewarded for their achievements towards the Polo.

Enthusiasm Towards Sports!

The collaboration basically serves the purpose of sportsmanship. You might be a fan of Polo, identifying the winning or losing streaks of different teams. Also, Polo is a great way to enhance the team spirit requiring determination, delayed gratification, and a body’s toughening-up. Hence, serving the country in a significant way!

ZEM Builders do not just pay lip service to quality; we are actually acting upon it. With the involvement in sports and other co-curricular activities, we are trying our best to serve Pakistan’s real estate sector.