What Is ZEM Builders And How It Is Changing The Real Estate Sector?

ZEM Builders is an esteemed and reliable organization in the construction industry. With three main offices in Pakistan, we strive to revolutionize the real estate sector, carrying out quality commercial and industrial projects.

With a dedicated team of experts, we’re delivering quality work keeping the affordable packages. Here is a brief detail of our completed and on-going projects.

ZEM Heights

Our first project launched at the C junction is ZEM heights. With modern and premium features, it is the best way to analyze our services. Also, this commercial hub, comprising of top-notch amenities, has gained tremendous achievements.

Lake Vista

Lake Vista is our under-construction project serving as a combination of the commercial and residential hub. The front opening will provide a calming beauty to the offices and apartments, enhancing the living style.

Liberty Tower

With a combination of traditional and modern looks, this artistic project will stand out among the twin cities. We’ve introduced the class of glass buildings providing a beautiful view and premium quality construction and features.

ZEM Ark      

This futuristic project will be well-known for its eye-catching look. Our experts have produced a stunning architectural design with top-notch facilities, including the food court and luxury hotel suits. The shops are also relatively high-end, adding more to its beauty.

ZEM Ark 2

Referred to as staircase design, this project will also be a masterpiece. It comprises of best facilities for the user, including the fire-fighting system, high-end security, proper ventilation, and beautiful esthetics.

Urban Nest 

Based on the idea of eco-design, this project is announced keeping in mind the sustainability and our required steps for environment protection. It offers both commercial and residential services with high-end technologies for luxurious living.


Skylark is our recently announced project combining the beauty of duplex apartments and a well-developed commercial hub. It’ll provide the top-notch amenities and facilities providing the best living, maintaining all the required standards.

That was all about the brief description of our projects. You can secure your investments through ZEM as we have qualified experts to eliminate the risk of negative cash-flow. For further details, you can also use the contact us box below.

How ZEM Is Bringing Revolution In The Real Estate Sector?

ZEM is bringing a revolution to the real estate sector by eliminating all the possible risks of poorly-quality, poorly structured construction with no facilities. Here are some goals that we work on concerning our role in the real estate sector.

  1. Providing top-notch facilities, delivering the best.
  2. Helping in creating a positive image of Pakistan through quality services.
  3. High-quality, properly maintained standards.
  4. Providing a relaxing, calm residential and commercial environment.

Summing Up

Hence, that was all about the brief details of ZEM Builders and our currently running and completed projects. For the last 15 years, we’re working on different projects to create masterpiece projects for you providing top-notch facilities. If you’re interested in learning more, hit us through the box present below.