ZEM Skylark – A Premium Lifestyle Opportunity

ZEM has brought an excellent opportunity for people looking for the best services and top-notch amenities in their apartments. Stay with us if you’re looking for something luxurious with modern architecture and immense comfort. This futuristic project is a purpose-built marvel and can serve you much in making the right choice.

Let’s get into it!

Duplex Apartments

One less than a triplex but one more than a house.
You can enjoy the delving experience of “Duplex Apartments” at the ZEM skylark. They are dual compartments contained in a single building. Based on the concept of “Integrated Smart Building,” you’ll love the perks they provide. As an occupant, you can enjoy the quality and beautiful experience at these apartments.

They are equipped with premium amenities to make your life comfortable and more manageable. Also, there are spacious terrace areas to enjoy a panoramic view. Additionally, all the apartments are adequately ventilated with high-end security systems and fire fighting systems.

There are dedicated elevators for ease of use and 24/7 surveillance. These apartments will entirely provide you the following perks.

Beautiful Aesthetics

You can have a look at the beautiful esthetics of Islamabad city. The dynamic “520 feet long” facades of ZEM Skylark mark the gateway to the Twin Cities. Our expert architectures are also striving their best to provide an enchanting look to the interior’s apartment.

Appropriate Location

The location of the duplex apartments is clean, well-managed, and safe. You can also track our previous performance to have a look at the quality.

24/7 Security

There is no compromise over security. The building will be monitored appropriately through security cameras and others to provide a sense of protection.

Top-Notch Amenities

Providing ultimate comfort and quality is our top priority. We’ve been striving for years to offer a premium quality lifestyle. Here are some of the perks you may enjoy at ZEM Skylark.

• Spacious parking area
• Fitness Gyms
• Grocery stores
• Suitable Gas and electricity connections
• Adequate power supply
• Efficient Heating and cooling systems

Commercial Hub

At a commercial hub, there is an opportunity to perform business activities and generate suitable profits. The structural design and laws and regulations are adequately regulated to enhance the user experience. There will be several opportunities available which you can enjoy!

Idea Of “Integrated Smart Building”

The hub is designed on the concept of “Smart Building.” We’ll be using modern technologies to optimize the performance in the fields of security and other processes. The occupant expenses will be reduced, and a healthy environment will be provided because of environmentally-friendly sustainable technologies.

The central command and control system will also be operated through the IoT (Internet of Things). It will make the project more efficient, functional, and centralized. Hence, sustainability, safety, financial issues, and productivity will be improved.

Bringing It All Together

Hence, our goal of providing quality living with all premium amenities will launch soon. There are various perks you can enjoy, including the Duplex Apartments and a centralized commercial hub. Also, you can enjoy a functional and efficient living with top-notch amenities!