Dha Phase 9 Lahore

Dha Phase 9 Map (Lahore)

The DHA Phase 9 map is a vital source for Lahore people who want to travel inside the DHA 9. This map is unique in every aspect that describes every possible way to enter the town. There is 10 entrance gate mentioned in the map. In simple words, with the help of a DHA Phase 9 town map, you can enter from both sides, either from Askari XI or DHA Phase 6.

DHA Phase 9 Prism Map

The DHA Phase 9 prism map describes all the 15 blocks so clearly that you can get all the information about residential areas, commercial areas, and entertainment places on one page. This map also contains every plot’s information and under construction area with their size distinguished in different colors.

Why You Need DHA Phase 9 Map?

Usually, a map saves you. You don’t need to visit every road or point to search for your destination. DHA town map describes every saloon, bank, street, parking area, commercial plots, parks, and every under construction area with high-resolution results.

Another feature of the DHA phase 9 town map is that it shows the straight and easy way to Kohinoor Factory and Grid station, Bullar village, Harpalke