DHA Phase 8 Karachi

DHA Phase 8 Karachi Map

DHA Karachi has launched a housing cum commercial project for people from every community to provide greater housing and investment opportunities to the people living in Karachi. The DHA Karachi Map shows all this, as the development has reached DHA Phase 8 from Phase 1, and it covered a large area of more than 4000 acres.

According to the DHA Phase 8 Karachi map, it has been divided into various zones ranging from A to E and phases 8 extension areas called Sahil streets. Moreover, the map clearly shows this prime and an elegant living standard that also provides great business opportunities. Check out the Al-Murtaza Commercial Area, Peninsula Commercial Area, and Zulfiqar Commercial Area within Phase 8.

Features of Phase 8 

The DHA Phase 8 Karachi map shows you the given areas:

  • Clubs: DA Creek Club, Carlton Hotel & Club, Creek Park, DHA Golf Club, DHA Sports Club, Moin Khan Cricket Academy.
  • Educational Centers: DHA School, The CAS School, Beaconhouse School, Haque Academy, and others.
  • Restaurants: Mirage, Kolachi, Ambala Corniché, Nawab’s Dynasty Authentic Mughlai Restaurant, BBQ Tonight- Boating Basin, Clifton, Al-Sajjad Family Restaurant, Al Rehmat & others.
  • Hospitals: Park Lane Hospital, Prime Health Care, One Step Diagnostic OSD, Healthways Clinic, Bluedot healthcare, Taj Medical, etc.
  • Parks: Ga’aya Park, Neuplex Cinemas, Captain Farhan Ali Shaheed Park, Solutions Park.
  • Mosques: Masjid-E-Ali, Masjid Ayesha, Mosque & Imam Bargah Baqiyat Ullah, Mubarak Masjid, Jamia Masjid Yasrab, etc.

Benefits of Having DHA Karachi Map

DHA Karachi Map shows you everything, so having a map is much beneficial for you because:

  • This map shows each location divided by different blocks of each color.
  • The size, area, length, and width of roads and plots are mentioned. So it will be much helpful for the property investors.
  • The download option is a blessing, as every time you can see the online map. If it is saved on your device, then whenever you want, you can check the location.
  • HD quality allows you to zoom in on the map without compromising its quality.
  • The map also includes house numbers, street numbers, and area names.

Maps For DHA Phase 8 Karachi