Dha Phase 6 Islamabad

Dha Phase 6 Islamabad Map

DHA 2 Extension was redesigned into DHA Phase 6 in 2019. In DHA Phase 6 map, you can clearly see the 4 main sectors A B C and D. The map you can see here shows how beautifully the Infrastructure has been designed. You can check out the plots’ sizes and dimensions if you are interested in buying a property in DHA Phase 6.

The map will show you the calculated distance like 4.5 km from Islamabad Expressway and 5.5 Km from the Jacaranda Family club, and 2 km from Shifa International. Don’t you think, so it is a perfect place to live?

Rising Need for DHA Phase 6 Map

This phase than not been fully developed, so it is a great opportunity for the investor to invest here. You see, the Balloted no of lots, i.e., 490 and non balloted plots, are expected this year. The map represents all the basic amenities that you see in the commercial and residential infrastructure.

You can easily find your way to your destination through wide roads. The map’s vibrant colors represent different sectors and areas like it shows parking areas, schools, mosques, family parks, hospitals, and clubs.

How can you deny the importance of the map? With the help of its signs, grid, directions, and titles, you can reach an accurate place. Fortunately, the newly redesigned DHA Phase 6 map is ready now. You use it as a guide to travel within an area.

Perks Of Using This Map

  • The map is available in HD. You can zoom in without compromising the quality.
  • With a single click, you can download the map on your device, whether it is a laptop or a smartphone.
  • Beneficial for investors to analyze the dimensions of the plots.
  • No need to ask locals about the way of a particular destination, whether it is a small lane or a big plaza.
  • The visual representation of different areas and infrastructure would be beneficial for the outsiders.

Maps For Dha Phase 6 Islamabad