DHA Phase 5 Lahore

DHA Phase 5 Lahore Map

DHA Phase 5 Lahore map shows you every location that you are looking for. Basically, Phase 5 is positioned inside the Lahore Ring Road. It also links with Bedian Road towards the Eastern side. DHA Phase 5 is a well-constructed notable project which proposes a complete standard living solution to its residents.

DHA Phase 5 is divided into Blocks A to L (except for I) and M (Extension). Every resource is available that makes this phase incredible, including Parks, Water supply, institutes, mosques, clubs, etc.

What you’ll find In Map?

You can view everything on the DHA Phase 5 Lahore map, just like other maps. Such as grocery stores, markets, Civic center in Sector C, Al Fatah Market, sports complex, mosques, restaurants, banks, parks, 50 Ft wide roads, blocks, homes, salons, spas, parking areas, vacant areas, and everything is clearly visible in the map.

Their areas are drafted with multi-colored vertical and horizontal lines and blocks to differentiate these areas. The size, dimensions, shape of each block, and area are given. House numbers, street names are also well written for your assistance.

Basic Components of Map

Every map has some components like it contains the title to understand the name of the area. The symbols are there to represent a specific location. The straight colorful lines divide everything with perfection. Arrows indicate the location, and legend explains to you about all these basic components in the form of a vertical table.

You can download this map in high definition results and can view every location without blurriness. It has the latest information about developed and under construction areas.

Visit this place once, and you will never want to go back. That much attractiveness this area has. I hope you got a proper understanding of the importance of having a DHA Phase 5 Lahore Map.

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