DHA Phase 5 Islamabad

DHA Phase 5 Islamabad Map

DHA Phase 5 of Islamabad is on the way to huge development. With the help of the DHA Phase 5 Islamabad map, you can analyze the luxurious lifestyle by viewing the availability of every facility there. The map represents all the locations within phase 5, as this masterpiece is located on the Expressway across DHA 2.

What Is The Purpose Of the DHA Phase 5 Map?

DHA 5 map is a perfect guide for the residents of twin cities and also for outsiders. People usually want to visit magnificent places, and if you observe the given map, you will find every location clearly. Every sector from A to H is beautifully and clearly designed on the map.

You can check out the location for mosques, Woods Walk Park and the Blue Bird Park, Chaudhary Mart DHA Phase 5, and all the commercial and community centers. You can even identify the particular street number, house number, and the size and dimensions of the plots with the DHA Phase 5 Islamabad Map’s help.

Elements of DHA Phase 5 Islamabad Map

The map is perfectly designed to assist you as it contains:

  • Title: The tile depicts the theme or subject of a map, along with the information for the intended audience.
  • Legend: It is a visual representation of the symbols used on the map. The symbols include points, lines, or areas with a short description of their meaning.
  • Grid: These are the equally spaced horizontal and vertical lines that will help you identify locations on the map.
  • Directions: With the help of arrows, directions can be shown in the DHA Phase 5 map to every place.
  • Colors: Different colors shows different blocks, sectors, parking areas, and other specified places in Phase 5.

These elements will help you to visit your desired place without roaming useless in town—the most important.

Can I Download HD Map?

Yes, you can! Don’t worry about the offline screen resolution. You can download the map on your device by tapping a download button. You can also zoom in on the map to view your desired location.

I hope you will understand the importance of having a DHA Phase 5 map.

Maps For DHA Phase 5 Islamabad

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