Dha Phase 3 Islamabad

Dha Phase 3 Islamabad Map

DHA Phase 3 Islamabad map shows the completely developed project of DHA situated in the heart of the Potohar region and close to Phase 2. The town map shows your golf club, theme park, lake, residential and commercial areas, and much more. The area of this phase comprised 3800 Kanal. This phase is near the Zaraj Housing Society, Doctor Housing Society, and Pakistan Post Office Housing Society.

Importance of DHA Phase 3 Islamabad Map

Wherever you are and whenever you want, open the DHA phase 3 map and check out your desired place’s accurate location. Even you can view the location offline after saving this map in HD on your device.

You can estimate the area after viewing the map. After following the map, it takes 24 minutes to reach Bahria town road, 22 minutes to reach DHA Phase 2, and 30 minutes drive to reach doctors’ housing society.

You can even see shops, house numbers, lanes numbers, parking areas, clubs, and entertainment places on the map. Even you can see the size and dimensions of the plots. So, if you are interested in buying or selling the property in DHA Phase 3, this map will help you.

There is no doubt in the locations’ accuracy, and you can save your time by following DHA Phase 3 Islamabad Map instead of wandering here and there.

Elements of Map

  • Different colors in the map represent various locations and their theme.
  • The directions show you straight paths and turning points.
  • Buildings are represented with small boxes.
  • The name of each place is mentioned on the map so that you can reach it easily.
  • This high-quality map will allow you to zoom in to see a closer view.
  • You have a download option to save it to your device.
  • The legend is there on the map to inform you about each symbol and sign used on the map with a short description.

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