Dha Phase 1 Islamabad

Dha Phase 1 Islamabad Map

Defence Housing Authority Phase 1 project was initiated in May 1992. DHA Phase 1 Islamabad map clearly shows its area that spreads over 1100 Kanal. This phase is located at a peaceful place and over a loop of Soan River near GT road.

If you focus on the map, you can see the divisions of its 6 sectors with vibrant lines and signs. These sectors are completely developed with all the facilities you need to live a splendid life.

Facilities Shown In the Map

  • The map represents every facility that is available in the DHA Phase 1. You can see the Avicenna Medical Centre, Roots School, and Defence Park. Every lane number, along with the length and width of the road, is mentioned.
  • To check out the accurate positioning, this map is a great guide. The lane numbers of residential areas, shops in the commercial areas, parking areas, mosques, and schools, are visually represented on the map.
  • Suppose you want to buy or sell your property in phase 1. The map will show you the plot’s shape and dimensions that will be much convenient for you before consultation with the property dealer.

Ingredients of DHA Phase 1 Islamabad Map

The map is technically and beautifully designed to assist the residents and also the outsiders. With the help of the title, you can understand the theme and name of the area. The symbols show the visual representation of the area. The straight lines show the accurate location of a particular area. Arrows point out the location, and the colors differentiate the sectors.

Moreover, you have a download option at the bottom of the map so that you can save it in your gadget. Whenever you go, locate your destination with an online map instead of asking others.

DHA Phase 1 Islamabad Map contains a High-resolution graphic representation. You can zoom in and see the accurate location.

Maps For Dha Phase 1 Islamabad