DHA Lahore Map

Defence Housing Authority attempted to provide a lifestyle based on luxuries facilities, modernity, and high living standards for the communities living in Pakistan.

In the latest DHA Lahore Map, you will find out every minor detail about this well-planned society, which is overall divided into 11 phases and subdivided into sectors.

You can get information about the sustainable infrastructure, areas, society, and projects like IVY Green, DHA New Office Complex in phase 6, DHA Haly tower Phase 2, Health centres, and schools under the supervision of Defence housing Authority.

Need For A DHA Lahore Map

To check out the innovative infrastructure of modernized living standards, we need a map. The map is designed for the convenience of people so that they can view the locations and travel within this area to analyze the lively, splendid, and prosperous lifestyle and civic facilities.

DHA map is highly significant for the people living there and also for the outsiders. That’s why it is available online so that you can reach your destination without wasting a single minute.

Which Areas Are Visible?

Even the size, dimensions, and covered area are also mentioned on the map. Whenever you want to buy or sell your property in DHA Lahore, check out this map for your assistance because sizes vary as some are constructed on a 5 marla land only, whereas, some other block can have bigger houses of 2 Kanal area size.

Everything is constructed in blocks and vibrant colour lines to differentiate these given areas on the map.

  • The wide roads.
  • Vacant plots.
  • Beautifully designed homes.
  • Clubs, salons, and spas.
  • Commercial areas.
  • Parking areas.
  • Schools.
  • Mosques.
  • Family parks.

If you store the High-resolution DHA Lahore Map or even any particular phase in your phone or laptop, you won’t need to ask people about your location when you go there. You can easily reach a particular location.