DHA Islamabad

Dha Islamabad Map

DHA Islamabad is located within Islamabad Capital Territory Islamabad Rawalpindi metropolitan area. DHA Islamabad Map shows 6 phases and DHA valley with GT Road on each side, and also bordering with Bahria Town Rawalpindi. The project was initiated in the year 1992 by the Armed Forces of the Pakistan Department of Welfare.

About DHA Islamabad Map

The map is beautifully designed to classify all the phases within DHA Islamabad. The map ravishingly separates the sectors of each phase. Every area is clearly shown on the map, whether it is a plain area, commercial area, or DHA luxurious houses.

The map is actually a visual representation of standard infrastructure and a splendid lifestyle. This map is a real guide to locating the desired address for the residents of twin cities and the outsiders.

Significance of a Map

  • It is the perfect guide to travel within the DHA Phases, and DHA Valley as everything is drawn perfectly with blocks, lines, signs, etc.
  • To identify a particular area, you can see different colors. The legend is available on the map with a short description of all the symbols used in a map.
  • The size, area, dimensions, and street numbers are also mentioned in the blocks convenient for you, whether you are a property consultant or a traveler.
  • The accurate location of parks, salons, and spas, clubs, schools, mosques can be viewed on the map.

Features of a Map

  • The Map is fully upgraded with all the information about developed and developing areas.
  • You can download this map with a single click on your device, whether it is a cell phone or a laptop.
  • Every location is visible because of its HD quality, and you no need to rely on blurred graphic representation.
  • The map is user-friendly and simple to understand. Moreover, it saves you time as a modern problem needs modern solutions.

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