Bahria Town Phase 7

Bahria Town Phase 7 Map

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Bahria town is a master-planned community project with residential plots available in different sizes. Most of the plots are delivered to their owners, and people started living there with all the amazing facilities. Bahria Town Phase 7 map can clearly show you 250, 500 square yards with a subtle mixture of residential plots situated along the edge of Phase 1-3. Moreover, Phase 4-7 also has some vacant plots.

Phase 7 has all the latest and advanced developmental designs as it has breathtaking village scenes, pagodas, monuments, and landscaped islands. People living in Phase 1-7 are truly enjoying an outstanding lifestyle. Besides having great built, here you can enjoy big parks, metal roads, perfect sewerage systems, pure water supply, gas supply, underground electricity wiring, and lush architectural layout.


People enjoy all the best facilities, including:

  • Parks
  • Schools
  • Mosques
  • Mini-Golf Course
  • Opera theatre
  • Horse-riding club
  • Mini Formula one racetrack
  • Heralds superstore
  • Standard Charted Bank, KASB Bank
  • Grid Station
  • Hospital

Map For Bahria Town Phase 7


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