Is Pakistan ready for micro homes and concept buildings?

When it comes to real estate, you might love luxury homes covering a large area. But what if all your requirements can be met in a small piece of land? Also, with enticing esthetics and calming beauty, you may love the micro-homes ranging from small floating units to the ones you can take away on your trip! You can downsize your home to upsize your life.

Let’s get into it!

Enticing Micro-Home Ideas

Micro homes are becoming a trend due to their minimal design and elegant décor. Also, there is a buzz among beauty enthusiasts to add more in this regard. The experts have presented a lot of research ranging from Movable modular cabins to sleek beach houses. Here are some eye-catching ideas!

  1. The small mansions in the beach fronts can be really pleasing as American Hamptons.
  2. A micro-home with all facilities can be made portable through a trailer hitch or a sturdy truck for travel enthusiasts.
  3. A Contemporary glass treehouse in the wilderness, close to nature, can also serve the best. Thinking of it as an image? Well, it’s inspired by architect Malan Vorster who created a beautiful glass apartment on a tree.

The contemporary glass making a compact house or using wheels to carry them anywhere can be great ideas. But they do come with specific rules and regulations depending on the country you live in.

Micro-homes and Sustainability

Micro-homes are generally regarded as an environmentally friendly practice to reduce the ecological footprint on the environment. It basically comes under the category of “consuming less” to save future generations as a sustainability practice. Also, the load on resources can be minimized by adopting them.

Cost Of Micro-Homes

Micro-houses can be even more expensive than adequately built hoses. Despite being short in an area, they require a large investment. The cost will depend on either you want to travel with it or just want to put it in place. For traveling, you’ll need a sturdy truck, a trailer hitch, or a private lot for parking.

Also, for a standstill house, you’ll need enough resources to pay for the land and arranging home utilities. Being a distinctive home, the utilities will cost even more because of the requirement of specialized appliances that fit correctly in a limited space. You’ll need to spend a fair amount on it.

Micro Homes In Pakistan – Future Suppositions

Till now, there are no effective zoning laws for micro-houses in Pakistan. Also, there isn’t any awareness and demand from people about them. But they can be an excellent addition to promote sustainability practices.

Also, pleasing esthetics will enable people to love them. There is a need for proper development of laws and public awareness at the local and governmental levels to promote them.

Bringing It All Together

Hence that was all about the ideas and brief details of micro-houses. They can be an excellent choice for the ones who want to reduce their footprint on the environment moving to a sustainable life. Also, you can enjoy the wilderness in tiny houses alone without any disturbance. We hope that you’ve enjoyed these cool ideas!