Hot Investment Opportunities in Pakistan

Whether you are living in Pakistan or abroad, if you are a businessperson, you might be thinking about how to invest money in Pakistan. Decades ago, very few options were available for investment. However, with the passage of time and the rising standard of living, people are more likely to increase their wealth. For this purpose, you must be looking for better options. Therefore, in order to make wise investment choices, you need to be well aware of the options and returns on various assets.

Zembuilders analyzed the current situation of Pakistan for investment as the country is considered a frontier market by index providers, indicating more risk than emerging markets. Furthermore, due to the size of its equity and bond market compared to other foreign markets, it has limited options for foreign investors. However,

In this article, Zembuilders are going to discuss highlight the best available options to invest your money. So give it a read!

Investment Opportunities in Pakistan

Investment TypeMinimum Investment Money Require to Start
1. Real EstateMinimum Rs. 10 lac
2. Peer to Peer LendingMinimum Rs. 10,000
3. Investment in StocksMinimum Rs. 10
4. Invest in BanksMinimum Rs. 10,000
5. GoldRs. 93,400 for one tola
6. ForexMinimum Rs. 1000
7. BondsAs low as Rs. 100
8. 3D PrintingMinimums Rs. 150,000
9. Savings AccountMinimum Rs.500
10. Certificate of DepositMinimum Rs.500

Here Is How To Invest Money In Pakistan

Investment In Stocks

The stock market of any country reflects its prosperity & development. It shows that the companies are performing well which makes the country’s economy. Although the risk is higher in the investment option. Nevertheless, stocks are still one of the most popular investment options in Pakistan.

According to a report published in Tribune, the number of CDC accounts of the company in which shares are held in Pakistan has increased in the previous five years. Presumably, the focus of significant returns reflects the extreme volatility of the market and attracts people to it. However, it is important for investors to keep the risk factor in mind.

Prize Bonds

Prize bonds are the easiest way to invest your money. When it comes to investment in Pakistan, especially since the government has taken steps to attract more bond investors. These measures include additional transparency and ease of opening a brokerage account.

There are several denominations of prize bonds ranging from Rs 100 to Rs 40,000. Due to this people can easily invest less than Rs. 100 as opposed to other investment options, which require a huge amount of money for better returns. You can purchase these bonds from the State Bank of Pakistan, National Savings Center, and some selective branches of commercial banks. Each bond has a serial number, based on which draws are held every three months.

Real Estate

The most popular and traditional way of making an investment in starting a real estate business. Most people in Pakistan prefer to invest in real estate if they have enough money to buy a property. Investment in real estate normally gives good returns but this form of investment demands a lot of patience because you may get a profit over a period of 5 to 10 years.

For the people who have land or an apartment in Pakistan and are not using it, it is better to rent it. Renting it out will give you a fixed monthly income and the asset will appreciate it in the long run.

Mutual Funds

Mutual funds provide you a platform for saving and it is managed by asset management companies. Savings invested by ordinary people from a mutual fund, which is based on an individual’s preferences that offer a periodic return.

For instance, if someone wants to invest but he has not a huge sum of money then mutual funds raise different funds on the same platform for investment. Dividends are then distributed among all investors according to their shares. There is also an advantage of mutual funds that the risk is divided and the investment is tax-deductible


Gold is an old medium to buy and sell goods as it was considered as money. Now, this is not a medium anymore. Still, we can consider the investment in gold because it is a more secure investment and during some kind of financial crisis, Gold generally exceeds other asset classes. One thing you should keep in mind that the return on gold is slow and is a long-term investment.

These are the best available investing options in Pakistan. I hope you will consider one of them.