Commercial Property in Rawalpindi

Having a commercial property in Rawalpindi is not less than a blessing. It is because Rawalpindi and Islamabad are twin cities that share most of the things. Due to these twines, you can double the benefits of anything you have. 

Anyhow, we are talking about commercial property in Rawalpindi and for this, you must be in search of the best deal. Let’s have a look at some hot properties we found from around the region. 

Leading 5 Commercial Property in Rawalpindi



We have ZEM ARK as number one on the list because it is known for its creative architectural design. With ZEM builders, you have the opportunity to be a part of the special investment plan. There are lush apartments along with business stores. Talking about ZEM ARK, it becomes an exclusive idea having ideally designed shopping and lots of other facilities.

Mainly, this property is enriched with all the luxuries and comforts a person can only dream of. In addition, it has an infinity swimming pool which is one of its kind to the avant-garde architectural design.

Ideally, it is located in Bahria Town Rawalpindi Phase 8 near the Statue of Liberty. It is situated in the most wonderful place as you can simply work, shop, and have fun at this place. In the future, it has many chances to grow like a bird has wings.

ZEM ARK is the best commercial property in Rawalpindi for those who seek chances to invest with the finest returning options. It has top-class views surrounded by the best restaurants that visitors love being there. Think about it seriously.



This is another great opportunity for ZEM builders, where you can invest from 7 lac 40 thousand to onwards. It is known as the fifth addition to the wonderful collection of the architectural frame. Also, ZEM Builders always offer an affordable deal despite losing their quality work.

ZEM ARK II has all the best amenities and services available for its visitors. This is one of its unique kind of project that you have never experienced. Uniqueness comes when you see that it has two adjoining buildings. One building is readily available for residential purposes and the other one is available for offices.

Other than that, there are commercial floors that are fully established with advanced services and features. It is an ideal place for shopping, work, play, and residence. Bahria Town Phase 8 is the main location of this business opportunity.

Furthermore, you can grab the food street after enjoying a movie in cinema parks. Besides, there are hospitals available surrounded by schools and mosques.

3- ZEM Liberty Tower

ZEM Liberty Tower

Have you ever dreamt of living a super deluxe living in Pakistan?

Well, ZEM Liberty Tower is an option that you can avail to have a world-class lifestyle deal. There is a 1-bed penthouse, lower ground floor shops, 2-bed penthouses along with a swimming pool facility and botanical garden. Each one is available for around two years of easy instalment.

Originally, this tower is located near the Statue of Liberty in Bahria Town Rawalpindi. All policies of Bahria Town are applicable to this tower. This is one of the biggest commercial and residential projects developing in Rawalpindi/Islamabad.

With a five-star lavish lifestyle, the inhabitants can enjoy all the best services. Further, it has a free Wi-Fi facility as well as a CCTV system and fully secured lifts. A vast area is reserved for parking.

4- ZEM Lake Vista

ZEM Lake Vista

Here comes another great opportunity available in Bahria Town phase 8. Dwelling alongside a lake, the height increases the beauty of construction. Key features include a huge open area for car parking, broader roads, perfect location, ideal lighting, electricity backup, best quality material, ventilation system, and much more.

You can see lots of other amenities available for the visitors. People love this place and enjoy several features to entertain themselves. Wider roads, huge buildings, beautiful scenes, green parks, grand schools, lakes, and many more options are there to enjoy.

This is the trusted commercial property in Rawalpindi/Islamabad that you can think about to invest.

5- ZEM Heights

ZEM Heights

This grand project is under construction by the ZEM Builders. ZEMAB is one of the well-known builders and real estate in Bahria Town. ZEM Heights is one of the biggest projects under construction in Bahria Town.

This great project is designed amazingly and has 6 floors. With a basement floor, it has 5 other floors. Ground floors are ready for shops whereas the upper floors are architecture for apartments. Each floor has around 30 shops. With 2 bed options, second and third story has 10 apartments.

Per square feet, the shop worth is 11000 and similarly, the apartment worth is 4500. With a 20 percent down payment, you can buy shops and apartments on monthly and quarterly installments for 3 years. Within 2 years, you will get the possession.  

Think about each commercial property in Rawalpindi/Islamabad seriously because each property of ZEM builders is worth investing in.