Bahria Town Living Standards Comparison

Bahria Town Living Standards Comparison Known for offering countless facilities laden with an ultramodern lifestyle for its residents, Bahria Town is arguably the best and the largest housing society in Pakistan. With an extensive housing scheme all over the country’s largest cities, notably Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad, it is hard to decide for the residents […]

BOP and Reall UK sign MOU to promote cost-effective housing in Pakistan

The annual housing shortfall of 270,000 homes and a 9 million housing backlog is a clear indication of the fact that the huge housing need in Pakistan cannot be stressed enough. For the average Pakistani it is even more difficult to acquire homeownership due to inflation and the shoot in prices each year. In order […]

Best Investment In Pakistan 2021

Best Investment In Pakistan 2021 General Business Environment in Pakistan The economy of Pakistan is complex. There are some growing industries and some are in the struggling phase due to different issues like corruption of the government and their policies. Still, there are still lots of investment ideas for talented people in Pakistan. Zembuilders gathered […]

Real Estate Investment Guide for Beginners

Real Estate Investment Guidefor Beginners. Real Estate Investment Guide for Beginners Simple is that your intentions should be investing in the real estate sector in order to earn greater profit in the future. The profit earn should be enough to compensate for any kind of risk and to pay taxes and other costs like utilities, […]