Apartments in Islamabad

Luxury Apartments in Bahria Town Islamabad

There are many high-standard flats and apartments across the vicinity of twin cities. There are vertically long apartments to select and smaller ones too, but the thing most residents wish is for luxurious ones or at least quite decent to live in.

As the twin cities are the mark of modern living so the caliber of living standard is high particularly in the Bahria Town of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. There is a regret-less record of a great number of citizens who are already a part of Bahria housing societies.

If you are looking for trusted and reliable settlement dealers, ZEM Builders provides best the settlement plans for Bahria Town Islamabad/Rawalpindi.

With the increase in demands for an enhanced, healthier, and improved living standard, the public is moving towards the Bahria Town housing society as their prime pick.

Luxury Apartments in Rawalpindi and Islamabad

Bahria Town is successfully established by the span of this century till now. There we can see a dense neighborhood with the rich pleasure of facilities and landscape of clean and green precincts.

What things you should consider while choosing an apartment over a house?

There are many factors that actually are there for a reason that so many Pakistanis choose to live in an apartment rather than a house, In this rundown, we are going to discuss all.


The principal thing you should consider is your financial plan. In many events, it’s more convenient and easy to get an apartment instead of a house, whether or not you are leasing or purchasing it.

Commonly, Apartments turn out to be more reasonable than houses since they are compact and up to a living standard. In any case, this isn’t in every case valid – an extravagant apartment in a midtown region may be suggestively more costly than a house in a medium-tier community.

But while you are looking for properties available to be purchased in the Bahria Town Islamabad region, Then you can get Zem Builders consultancy because we are genuine experts in the Bahria Town property market.

Own or Rental

The following choice you should make is whether you need to purchase your home or lease it. You will be bound to look for an apartment for lease and houses available to be purchased, yet this isn’t generally the case.

Claiming your home gives you a feeling of long-term peace and implies that you don’t need to stress over renting every month. You likewise can shape the property in any manner you desire. In any case, you likewise need to make an expensive up-front installment, and then you have to keep up with installments until it’s finished.

Then again, leasing is substantially more adaptable. In the event that you aren’t prepared to settle down yet, leasing enables you to investigate a variety of living areas and communities to settle in.

Leasing is normally more reasonable too – you should make a store to make sure about the space, yet it typically isn’t as costly as an up-front installment. Be that as it may, you won’t be running after home possession, and you will be dependent upon any necessities your proprietors have.


The following interesting point is the measure of the room you have. Houses ordinarily give you more space than any apartment, with bigger rooms and even a corridor. You will most likely be unable to bear the cost of a house to yourself. For some, individuals, leasing a studio apartment is the best way to have space completely to themselves.

There are other comfort elements to consider while picking whether to live in an apartment or a house. Let’s suppose you are a student and you want to live near your university community, there may be chances that you cannot afford to buy land or buy a whole house near it. On this off chance, the choice of apartment is beneficial.

It is completely up to you that what suits you, not what’s better in general.

Why it is Convenient to have Apartments in Islamabad?

The unmatched comfort of housing and the healthy outer environment of Bahria Town is undoubted of no match the top reviews of real estate builders have Bahria as the ideal examples for making the housing schemes looks revolutionary and ravishing in a short span marvelously.

ZEM Builders company has landmarks in Bahria and other places all over Pakistan that unambiguously add in the luxury of being dissimilar from any other place you visit like ZEM HEIGHTS, LAKE VISTA, LIBERTY TOWER, etc.

Easy to buy

Bahria Town provides services and conveniences for easy access to buy lands and ZEM Builders to construct full-fledged dream housing for you in Bahria Town that is,

You can easily buy apartments in Islamabad online on the official websites or may contact personally to real estate valuers or agents to buy apartments and lands for work and living on easy installments and sales as mentioned above trades with them has always been easy and advantageous.

Easy establishment

New places with prime location and everything you entirely needed help you with quick establishing.

Being in a new place is a matter of pressure and but it is exactly the opposite in case for residents of Bahria so it is not a matter of tension for a new settler like you anymore as Bahria Town provides a high tech security system, build in Electricity management with zero load shedding, gas connections, and clean, refined, and pure water provision with no issues as your essentials gives you ease to live in a new place, quickly adjust in an overwhelmingly beautiful environment and live how you deserved.

Interior and exterior

You want to get the things done on the requirements and sometimes you want to buy ready-made accommodation better than you have planned for,

Bahria Town housing societies are a pre-planned housing scheme that is built according to the needs of high living and better choices based on the place where you can get a pre-designed desired apartment or land to change your dream into reality.

Car parking spaces, terrace, double unit kitchens, extra laundry areas, swimming pools, etc you get what you want it all depends upon the consumer’s choice because there is no compromise on high standards of living in Islamabad luxury apartments when it comes to standards and luxury for residents and workers!

The material used is solid, imported quality, and sometimes even imported so that you always get the best of all.

An external environment with a health-friendly air index, lush greenery, and smooth roads leading you to all the facilities to parks, shops, hospitals, schools work areas and restaurants nearby is another kind of ease everyone wants to have in their life.

Other Features and facilities

From premium Hardware finishes, paint shades, colors, space, texture, patterns, and light the buildings in Bahria Town will insist you choose it on first thought, Want High-end looking homes?

Even on a low budget, you can avail yourself luxurious looking high-end homes. Here our highly qualified and experienced designers have worked and working day and night for your life to be the best for your business to attract the attention of customers and investors the most.

The elegant living and working environment have been the quality provision of Bahria Town to its residents. Its success story and being a top real estate business have its hard work seen from the entrance to its edges such that a visit will set you in awe and wish for a dream housing here will always be in your mind.

How you can Buy Luxury Apartments in Islamabad & Rawalpindi

Nowadays there are various apartment portals across the web which are quite doubtful and unauthorized with procedures and extra charges for a very long time taking procedural steps.

People are either not guided properly or frauded with some disputed real estate situation. Online booking has been a critical choice for many. Among this pursuit of online booking of an apartment, ZEM Builders provide you the ease of best solution for property/apartment purchase.

You can easily reach our website by just googling ZEM Builders or contact us through any means as listed below;

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Once you log in there is everything about us from history to provision and easy BOOK NOW direct options which will lead to what you want in few easy one-click steps, unlike other websites that resembles much like a maze and lost the meaning of providing ease at home for purchase.

If you directly want to consult everything with our customer care you may walk into our office or may contact us on our phone number. All the contact directories are stated below;

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What to consider before buying an apartment

Renting has certainly been a waste of your precious money, those who’ve been into this continuous process of grinding knows the real struggle of renting and shifting so if you are going to buy land or apartment/any permanent accommodations which you never had before let us inform you with the checklist you must consider before buying any land or apartment either for living or working.

Which area should you consider?

“Place you are most likely to spend your money’’ is the actual noteworthy point to be highlighted, if you are living in Pakistan and searching for an elite area having a hub of businesses, investment, preeminent ease, and facilities you should probably do a little search on google first.

For example, searching in twin cities for grade A living apartments you may end up selecting Bahria Town as it is one of the most facilitated of all time in real estate establishment without any second thought of ambiguity all over in Pakistan.

Contact the authorities for details

Talk to individuals of Real estate agents for getting the real value of your money and research the market values without being advised from agents of developers check out the sales real estate provides (as many less knows that there are good deals and up to 45% of sales on buying lands and accommodations in Bahria so that at least you will get a good deal of which you spent.

For example, the apartment you are going to purchase has fulfilled your requirements of having shops, hospitals, transportation, schools, working area, parks, etc. Look for as many areas as you can for choosing a property that considers your criteria critically!

Old building and load of repairs

Whenever you are selecting an apartment the thing that many apartments have indistinguishable is the pending bulk of renovation for the apartment so contemplate and make sure your apartment doesn’t cost you double or triple because it’s a certain loss.

You must take notice about the age of the building architect report/builder’s report obtained is important for example ZEM Builders will always help you buy in Bahria Town, on and off sales quality-wise building choices are directly available to interested consumers.

Extra charges

If you have a car would you like to buy some extra yards? You want to pay for few extra yards? Or renting time and again every month for just having a car parking place, such a hectic activity for getting rid of this exhausting duty follow real estate sales.

A very nice example is Rawalpindi Bahria Town Furnished Apartments facilitate the accommodation in Rawalpindi with ease of free Wi-Fi and pool views.

Their apartments feature a personal pool, a garden, and free private parking, and much more but this is just an example of Bahria Town provides much more than just self-centered accommodation in Islamabad and all over Pakistan.

How many advantages your real estate company can provide?

As mentioned above the facilities if free of cost can boost the value of your money like buy one get one free.

The point here to drive your consciousness towards those real estate apartment selling where you get the most and a successful real estate establishment always care about customers and living standards more than the profits,

Bahria Town provides security measures, clean and lush green environment, anything better than you can ever have in any high living standard life, the company like ZEM Builders real estate building company can transform your apartments into anything you can only imagine at the cost of money that will certainly be a modest amount for what you are going to get in return.